Zauberkünstler MAGIC JOHNNY

 Welcome to my homepage!

My Artistname is Magic Johnny. I started  magic even as a child and became very interested , when every day I  passed a little shop selling magician’s articles.A magician stood behind the counter showing people magic tricks.At that moment I knew I wanted to become a magician. In recent years I practiced this alongside my normal job and turned my dream into reality. Even then I thought about how I could entertain and fascinate people. I devised tricks with coins and matches. As my audience  was enthralled, I became convinced I could do something special. I got the “magic bug”. I created a new name for myself as an artist. I practice magic for all groups aged from 4 to 100 years. The spectators are puzzled by my tricks, no matter how big or little. In my repertoire there are stage shows, illusions, micro magic and children’s magic. My mission is to bewitch children and adults, so welcome to the magic world of “ Magic Johnny © ” © ANOTHER KIND OF MAGIC ! ORIGINAL MAGIC JOHNNY since 2006

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